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Good horses.
Dogs that work. 

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Twisted Biscuit Livestock is your one-stop-shop for livestock marketing, website design, and home of ABCA working stock border collies and Quarter Horses. We raise and ride some good horses, with dogs that work and double as your best friend.

The border collie

“A simple beauty, the border collie is the epitome of all we may ever desire in a dog, a friend and a partner. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are second nature to a collie and they will work until they can go no further."

-Barbara Sykes

"Stetson's" Owner

“Stetson is such a fun pup to train. He already knows sit, down, shake, spin right/left. He loves toys and very food driven right now. Him and [my other dog] are best buds, constantly playing with each other."

Derek Baze

“He’s already learning some tricks, and being a complete natural with the disc. He’s already chasing and retrieving the disc. He’s gonna be catching them in the air in no time.”

Kati Best

We are so excited to have this handsome dude apart of our family!! Thanks so much get getting him to me at the airport and being so amazing!!

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Otero County | New Mexico | USA

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